Lake Norman Oil Company, Inc.
In Mooresville Call: (704) 663-4441          In Statesville Call: (704) 873-9522

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Commercial and Farm Accounts.  Want to save more money on your fuel bill?  Stop by our Statesville office for self-service Highway Use and Dyed Off-Road Diesel Fuels.  We also stock a full line of lubricants available for pick-up or delivery. 

Our trucks carry FUEL, but we deliver SERVICE!

Operating a successful business is difficult enough without having to worry about when your fuel will arrive.  Down time means lost money.  Having a fuel provider who understands those adversities and who will provide quality, reliable low cost fuel is essential to success. 

  • On-Site Equipment fill-up
  • Discount pricing for bulk delivery
  • Loaner tank program
  • Priority scheduling for all commercial accounts
We offer k-1 kerosene, off-road diesel fuel,
highway use diesel fuel , lubricants, fuel additives
and ethanol free gasoline.
(704) 663-4441
or (704)873-9522

200 gallons or 20,000, whatever your business needs we can handle your deliveries.


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